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Steward Capital offers you quick access to loans in 24-48 hours to help you at low interest rates. No security required.


We aim to make sure that school owners can get loans without worrying about hefty documentation, stringent terms, or collateral requirements.

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Steward Capital provides you
Quick loan approvals

Get loan request approved in 24-48 hours after the loan request.

Low interest rates

Enjoy low interest rates between 5-8% monthly.

No security/Low collateral

Request for as high as UGX 5 million without collateral.

Flexible loan structure

Get flexible repayment structure to suit your income.

Tuition data for loan approvals

We leverage your school fee data to give you loans without requiring any collateral

How to apply for loans
Apply for a loan

Apply for a loan and state reasons for application.

Confirm your eligibility

Verify your loan eligibility by login into your dashboard to view the options that are available.

Receive the money

After considering your option, we transfer the funds to your account within 24-48 hours business days.

Commence repayment

Initiate loan repayment in accordance with the negotiated flexible repayment schedule.


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